Can you walk my dog while I’m on vacation?

If you plan on going away on vacation we strongly suggest you find a nice boarding facility, a family he can stay with, or, even better, an in-home pet sitter.
A dog is a social animal who needs company; leaving him home alone for several days in unacceptable even if someone comes a couple of times a day to let him out and feed him.

Do you offer a dog sitting service?

Unfortunately no. We will walk your dog while you’re away at work or if you don’t have time or the opportunity to do it yourself. But we can’t keep dogs at our place or stay at yours to pet sit.

Do you accept last-minute requests?

I’m afraid not. For cat sitting and dog walking, you need to contact us at least 15 days in advance.

Can you walk my dog on the leash in my neighbourhood?

All our walks are one-hour walks in the woods. We walk several dogs at the same time, so they can socialize, play and run with their peers.

Can you walk my dog if he is aggressive with other dogs?

We only walk dogs who are socialized and non aggressive towards other dogs, kids, joggers, bikers and horses.
We don’t accept dogs who take off to hunt or don’t have a proper recall.