Rates and Areas


All fees are VAT excluded

Dog walking

  • 1 walk: 20€
  • 1 package*: 325€/month

*package: 1 walk a day except weekends and Belgian legal holidays

The fees entail picking up your dog at your place/office, drive him to the woods for a one-hour walk with other dogs and bring him home afterwards. In the woods they are off leash.
50% off on your second dog.
Minimum 3 walks a week and a long-term collaboration, thank you.

Dog behaviorist

All fees entail training at your house, travelling costs, and are VAT excluded.

  • Puppy training/socialisation: 50€
  • Behavioral issues: 70€
  • Far of dogs: 45€
  • Bite prevention: 30€
  • School class on how dogs work and how to prevent accidents: 60€, transport included if inside the areas I cover. For other areas, please ask for an estimate, thank you.
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I cover the following areas:
Woluwe-St-Lambert, Woluwe-St-Pierre, Etterbeek, Wezembeek-Oppem, Ixelles, Auderghem.