Our core values


I keep on learning every day to be up to date regarding the last research and discoveries, ignoring any « to-go » training method and keeping the emphasis on data and science based studies.

Nevertheless, I will forever keep using positive training as it is the only one who respects dogs and works on the long term. Coercitive methods only raise fear and pain in dogs, whichever the origin of his behavior is.

A happy dog needs to be happily adjusted to his environment but we have to attend his basic needs as well and let him be a dog: create social interactions, run free, smell the world, have a strong bond with his owner and make it a confident dog.

The Dog nanny is a certified and registered company.


When you consult me I don’t look at my watch and often leave without getting paid because I forget to ask! This is how passionate I am. I will give you the necessary amount of time because my work is my passion and my ultimate goal is better the relationship you have with you furry companion and make you and him happy.
I do need to earn a living of course but conflit resolution and successful positive training are my core values.


When I meet your dog he immediately becomes part of The Dog Nanny’s family. Every dog I trained or helped takes a special part in my memory and heart.

I will always ask you to keep me posted on your dog’s progress, even at the end of the last session. You don’t have to give me any news of course but I am grateful when I get some because I really care. Every conflict resolution, every positive training is a shot of happiness to me! Making a dog and his family happy is what makes my career worth pursuing.