Meet The Dog Nanny

I am Sonia Quertenmont and as far as I remember, I’ve always supported animal welfare. I wanted to live with all the animals in the world and welcome all the cats, dogs, and horses out there!

After having had a boring career in the corporate world, I decided to let it all go and work with dogs. In 2009 I created The Dog Nanny, a professional dog walking service. It made me overly happy to spend time with my loved ones and my profession allowed me to observe and understand a lot about canine interaction with their peers and with ourselves.

I learned how to respect all kinds of dogs, all their qualities and quirks, get a grip on how they they play, but also to be aware of the signals they send when they’re unsure, afraid or uncomfortable.

With that passion for dogs at heart, I naturally oriented myself towards dog training and behavior. My experience was a huge plus but I wanted to get a solid foundation by learning from the best.

I chose to enroll in the most demanding dog training school with one of the pioneers of positive training, the Victoria Stilwell Academy for dog training &behavior and I got certified in 2022.

Science evolves everyday and I make a point of keeping up to page with new scientific studies, attending webinars, seminars, and reading the newest scientific articles.

I am a happy mama to Simone, my gorgeous Dachshund who is my partner inn life but also my sidekick!

I raised her using positive training and she is an happy little dog who is extremely social and well balanced.

Sonia Quertenmont, your Dog Nanny