Fear of dogs

Having handled dogs for over 10 years and walking with packs, I’ve often come across people who are bothered or worried when they cross our path, whether they are with a dog or not.

I help you get rid of your fear, whichever the origin of your phobia is:

  • you or your child got bit by a dog
  • you own a dog and you fear any canine interaction. You take your dog in your arms when you meet a dog or a pack, you always keep him on the leash, you avoid dogs.
  • you feel uncomfortable when hearing sensationalist media relating accidents with dogs, rumors, horror movies involving scary dogs
  • you are afraid of dogs like some are afraid of spiders; no real reason but an inexplicable fear


The desensitization method I use consists of exposure therapy. I put you in direct contact with dogs in order for your to get more and more comfortable with the object of your fear. Whether you come alone or with your child you will join me on one of my walks so you can get in touch with several dogs, small, big, quiet, active, but all harmless, dog- and human-friendly.

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