Puppy training / socialisation

Puppies are usually adopted at 8 weeks old. I will give you advice on ow to best welcome him, making sure everything is there so he can meet his needs. This period of time is crucial for building his resilience: a dog needs security, confort, heat, food, love and respect, games, socialization, exercise. At this age, it is important for him to explore the world, keeping in mind not all puppies are the same; some are shy, some are not, so it’s important to take their personality into account when socializing them.

I will teach you how to make your dog sit, stay, stay, walk on the leash, leave or drop something he has in his mouth, potty training and any other basic knowledge you will need for everybody’s comfort and security. 

I do not practice obedience, which is a discipline consisting of requiring your dog to obey to any kind of command, no matter how long the session is, no matter the environment and the physical and mental state of the dog. It is against my ethics.

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