Dog behaviorist

As an experienced dog handler with a 10-year experience in dog walking, I am an expert in pack management and dog socialisation. As a dog behaviorist my purpose is for you and your dog to have an harmonious relationship based on love and trust.

Whether your dog barks at people, growls at you, is aggressive towards other dogs, or acts badly in your family circle, I can help you and your dog overcome all of these behavioral issues. My specialty is the socialisation of puppies, the (re)socialisation of scared or agressive dogs. Dogs being fundamentally gregarious animals, I believe in the power of the pack and how vital it is for your pet to get in contact with other dogs, whichever trauma he’s been through, no matter where he comes from.

The first consultation takes place at your home in order for me to assess your needs and how your dog behaves at home. After our first meeting, and depending on your dog’s issues, I suggest an one-on-one consultation or a walk with my pack. (I walk them in Boitsfort, Ixelles, Woluwe-St-Pierre and Auderghem). Walking in a pack is the best way to observe how your dog interacts with others, especially if he’s in fear or aggressive, and adjust my advice accordingly. All the dogs I walk are properly socialized and harmless.

I don’t use coercitive methods: I believe in being firm but gentle. No prong collars, no hurtful tools. Just trust, reward, and respect for your dog’s singularity. No « one size fits all » method, but a tailor-made approach.
You will get an individual and confidential written report by mail after each meeting.

If your dog suddenly becomes aggressive when you touch him, eats less, goes to the bathroom inside, please reach out to your vet first to rule out any physical issue.

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