A tribute to Justin and Stephanie Shults

Today is a sad anniversary … 6 months ago our country was hit by terrorist attacks… 6 months ago, we lost our dear clients Justin and Stephanie Shults in the airport bombing.
They were the most adorable people and the kindest clients anyone could dream of. Being taken away from life so soon is so unfair; Justin and Stephanie were travelling a lot, making the most of their stay in the capital of Europe, discovering the world and enjoying every single day life had to offer. Not a day goes by when I don’t think about them, when I don’t picture Justin’s constant smile. They were what we call good people, always thankful and respectful.

And of course how can I not mention their two labradors, Sammy and Lucy … We are so grateful they found a new home with Stephanie’s family. A very loving one. As loving as Stephanie. But we can’t help missing them. Sammy and Lucy were definitely part of The Dog Nanny’s family as they were happy members of our day care program. It took months for us not to call them or look for them during our walks.
Stephanie, Justin, my heart still hurts when I think of you. After all this time, I still can’t believe you’re gone, in such dramatic circumstances. You were both full of life and your happy faces are always what come in mind when I find myself missing you both.

Love you forever.


Sonia Quertenmont, your Dog Nanny