It’s snowing! How safe is it for my dog?

The Dog Nanny in the snowy woods!


It’s snowing and your dog loves to roll and play in this wonderful white playfield!

Dogs handle winter better than humans

Most dogs cope with cold and snow very well. The longer his fur is the better he’s protected
against low temperatures. Your Husky, Leonberg or Terre-Neuve can therefore
enjoy winter fun without any side effect.

On the other hand, shorter breeds or shorter fur breeds are naturally less protected and therefore more sensitive
to cold. It’s wise to wait until spring to offer your dog a trip to the
groomer, he will need all his fur! You can also dress him with a coat: in this
particular case, it’s definitely useful.

Before engaging into any extended outdoor activity, you should also take your dog’s
age and general condition into account. A skinny breed, like the Greyhound,
feels the cold much more than a young and dynamic dog.

Key points

–     Paws come in direct contact with cold and humidity and
must be dried upon your return from the walk. Pay extra attention to the space
between the fingers; ice often gets stuck there. If you plan on taking long
daily walks in this weather, you can use a little Vaseline on the fragile areas
to protect them from frost.

–      Dogs love to eat snow; even though eating some is
harmless, a massive ingestion can cause diarrhea and even a severe gastritis.

–      Snow clearing salt can irritate the skin; in case your
dog walks in it, rinse his paws thoroughly upon your return; also, your dog
might lick it off and ingest it, causing diarrhea and spasms.

No consequence on your dog’s walk with his Nanny!

The Dog Nanny keeps an eye out on your dog during the cold season and makes sure your dog enjoys
his long walks in the snow to the fullest!

I don’t shorten the walk in case of snow or cold, unless of course your dog feels
uncomfortable of in case of extreme temperatures that might hurt his health.
His paws are thoroughly dried upon his return home!


Sonia Quertenmont, your Dog Nanny